Monday, July 4, 2016

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (1-11)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Ep 1
Abandoned station?
And pink hair! You must have amazing hair dye in this world
Your trains are goddy awful if they cave in like that.
The animation budget for animating that hair rip, though. Haha.
I don't get it. What makes these weapons special?
HOW do you not feel that? DAMn. You're strong, bro.
A single bite turns you?
Suicide bag? They have a BAG? Not a pill? Or something less...dramatic...WHOA. So it like...makes your heart explode?
Tiny skirt lolita!
Does anyone else see the similarities to AOT? Because WOW.
Do they just not have planes or something? Why trains?
They have SWORDS. This is old. So very old. The world, I mean. but they have some awesome things. Like newer things. I feel a love interest coming up...
Why is there only one piece of glass in the MC's glasses? You typically have both eyes bad.
THE MC'S VOICE KILLS ME. It's awful...
Why don't they try to understand the infection?
She is pretty badass. Even lolitas can be awesome.
Wow. Even the art looks like AOT.
I did NOT need the blood and squishing sounds...
This is a goddy awful jail. Just wodden bars. You can file them away.
They LIVE at the yard? Really?
I feel like something's wrong...something bad. Something very bad.
Oh no...oh no oh no! Kabane...they're going to kill them all.
Wow...that train wreck scene is TAKEN from AOT.
And them walking towards a wall...that too.
Derpy protagonist? Wow. A bad stereotype.
As I said, bad jail cell. He just PICKED that lock.
When did you have time to increase the explosives? WHEN.
It better work!
This show spent SO MUCH TIME on animation.
Please tell me it worked. If this creepy thing moves, I'll cry.
How do you people not know you're bitten! PLEASE explain.
Young Master? AKA Ciel?
Do you people just carry those stupid suicide bags around?
HEEY. We're going to go Parasyte now, aren't we? Or at least all Tokyo Ghoul? Half human half something else?
This show is giving me the creeps.
WOW. How in the world did he prevent that??? PLEASE explain.
Also this world's medicine and all must be awful.
I thought only exploding the heart worked. Not decapitation

Ep 2 the name makes sense.
He looks darker.
And they are fangirling the fuck out of that discovery.
"I got bit". A bad thing to say...
Do those guns actually work?
This poor girl is going to have PTSD. Really.
She's totally out of it. Mumei. Geez.
Do Kabane recognize death? at all?
Oh my. Mumei is so cool! I love it. She's so awesome.
Also, a note to the background music, it's gorgeous. I love it. Very catchy. and good for a person who is badass as Mumei.
That red cape, though. How did that even work?
How does he intend to kill them without any sort of scope? That is not how the world works.
The art for Mumei seems...Chinese. I'm not sure how to place it. It seems old. Or historical.
Mumei got sleepy real fast.
YOU NEED A KEY. why...geez...that's stupid.
I love that Mumei's little hair flopped forwards. So cute. Whoa. What's up with her?
So they're leaving people behind?
Just saying, the gun needs to be hooked up to some sort of air system. So it won't work otherwise.
Wow...that switch of art. GORGEOUS. He looks so much more real...
Oh god...poor Ayame. I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry.
Ikoma! I believed in you! His voice seems odd, though.
You're going to give him CONCRETE burns. Think before you act! Idiots.
Cool cool.

Ep 3
But Kabaneri aren't. Haha.
OH my. Boys should NOT be hit there.
By showing the back, we don't get to see the chest. Aw man, Mumei.
Oh my. That Suzuki guy sounds like a native English speaker trying to speak Japanese.
So the ribbon has meaning! Cool!
They really did let a native English speaker try Japanese voice acting. Make me cry, won't you?
Wow...that circle seems...unnecessary.
Those children are adorable.
Okay, Samurai Kurusu, stop faking. You're playing around. Your sword is USELESS as anything.
Oh my...did the mother get bit?
A sister who looks nothing like him. But that's a sad story. And he RETURNED. Why? That's fucking stupid. Just saying, the sister is in softer colors too. which is really cool. Like a memory gone by.
Wait. If a Mother is bitten...maybe the child will be Kabane? But they're made. Aren't they?
Wow. She's simplifying blood. She's acting like it's so simple.

.Ep 4
Child was tainted too? Whoa...that's so cool.
For all you know, she might hate it. But still.
You better get into the train. FAST.
He's hungry...don't blame him for that.
Did the Kabane just WAIT for night to fall?
So who will control the train? Think about it. Ayame is a CHILD. As if she knows.
Yay. Corrupt people. Fun.
Faster doesn't mean better, idiot. You're going to be attacked. I can tell.
The gun...
Takumi is crazy. Smart. Crazy smart.
Traitor? That are you talking about...
I agree with Mumei. Cowards. All of them.
Wow...that seems like a coordinated effort on the Kabane's part.
And they can use swords? Wow...that's a major upgrade.
How any of these characters don't have PTSD makes no sense to me.
A compound bow wirth power? AWESOME.
Why don't they try closing the doors to the cars? Or SOMETHING.
Wow. Ayame is something else entirely.
Trained samurai is better than guns? No. Not at all.
Okay...if that explosion did that...why didn't it take out more before?
Kurusu is so badass right now.
How are NONE of their heads being lobbed off right now? This is not far!
Badass runnning music. PUHLEASE.
Samurai do not run on walls. Kurusu is impossible.
If only Kurusu knew how to fight with a gun and sword. It'd be great.
IS HE DYING NOW? HELL NO. I'm not a huge fan of Kurusu. But he's really important to Ayame.
How did Takumi and gang get there?
Do we need to lose so much before they can gain anything?
But there isn't unlimited air in those canisters.
A contract? Excuse me. And her blood should NOt be working like that.
And are we implying that, somehow, Mumei likes Ikoma?
Do they forget that Rokkon Shoujo is Mumei's word? Think about it, people, before you say it.
So many know the positives to have Kabaneri on their side.
A casual shot of them on the rails, smiling and laughing. The calm before the storm.
Also is he going to be topless for the rest of the show? It MUST be cold.

Ep 5
They're so stupid...simpletons. Just knowing that it is works is enough? Sigh. What if you need to know? For reference? Later?
Takumi seems too cocky.
WHAT? Did your share? WHO GIVES a fuck?
Mumei, you're scaring the children.
Black smoke? Hm...interesting.
You can kill people with their weapons.
Uh...who refers to themself like that?
STOP calling yourselves body party. PLEASE.
AWww...poor doggy. (Also, can doggies be turned into Kabane?)
Do they live in the boiler car?
People keep fighting against Mumei who is being good and just trying to help.
This city seems...odd. The walls are GIANT. And the rails are up so high.
How do the tube communications work?
Did you really think she would listen, Ikoma? Stop being stupid.
Please please please run. RUN.

Ep 6
No more flashbacks.
Are they going back? EVASIVE manuevers? That's a thing.
That was close.
So it's a mass of Kabane? Hm...
Is Mumei CRUSHED? Oh my. Her bones must be broken.
Force your way? Doubtful.
Yes, you are. Why not?
But she saved you multiple times.
Ikoma is such a genius. Love it!
Aren't Kabaneri people who've been bitten by Kabane? Think about it.
Hm. Interesting...did they like...take that much blood.
She is glowing!
Poor Mumei...
The Young Master's bow looked like his arms. So weeeee open arms!
Stop calling yourselves weak, Mumei!
The Black Cloud thing is some insane CGI.
Suzuki? The one who uses Engrish?
Cut him slack!
And that totally backfired! People are going to get killed.
Kurusu and Ikoma are now basically equals.
But isn't anyone else wondering how Ikoma learned fighting so fast? And, no, we're not contributing this to Mumei.
Did the pink haired pilot have to take off her jacket? Really?
WHOA. Awkward screaming sound...
AWw. Great catch, Ikoma!
Moving to the right thing? Does that actually work? And why doesn't Yukina put down the limits again? The Black Cloud is GONE.

Ep 7
Copying? Hm...
Poor Kurusu. Must feel lame. And useless I'm kidding.
Wow...Takumi shouldn't encourage revenge-ish stuffs.
How far apart are these stations?
The last station had people. Like three of them. And then a whole bunch of Kabane. Teehee.
Daita-iron? Hm.
WHOA. I recgonize Tanabata! So we /are/ in Japan.
Ayame! YEs. Tanabata time!
What is it? I have no clue. Are they pawning it?
Did they have to cheer about putting up their clothes line? Really?
Bamboo leaves are booth? Please don't tell me...
And the towel makes it PG! So we're not all sued for creepy pedophelia.
Mumei's shoes look like torture devices.
Kajika is great at haggling...she goes all out.
Wow...Takumi is fighting back? Hm.
Sukari is being kinda rude. But it's the truth. so.
You just damaged their wall!
What chalk? Since when?
Okay...Japanese kanji joke, I'm guessing. THANKSSS.
Seriously? No rice? wow. I doubt that.
That's actually sad. The thought of turning into Kabane any second. And you can't make it funny. At all.
I know Mumei's a 12 year old kid. But she shouldn't joke about it.
No, we're not doing the 'she acts like my sister' thing when they have small romantic attraction.
Mumei looks like an adult. Or older. Geez.
I was wondering if he'd pull the 'I want to be alive' thing...
Why not five? Or something? Why three?
Well, they've already shown theirs off.
Kurusu probably wrote about Ayame. That's why he's blushing. And I ship it.

Ep 8
Biba? That's...funny.
And many of these Hunter peoples are there?
'Lets me'?
NAME. Tsukumu...something something.
I quite like Biba's design, though. Looks...pleasant.
Are the trains especially called Hayajiro? Or am I getting it wrong?
HORSE? What if there's a Kabane horse?
MOTORCYCLES? Ha! I can't believe it! sliced off their limbs. Not killed them, dummy.
So they're not Kabaneri? Hm.
These people can be very brave or very stupid.
So Horobi IS Kabaneri. How many Kabaneri does Biba have?
What makes those swords special? And how do they make them?
Biba is actually gorgeous. Just saying.
'Be gone'? Hm...that sounds old.
I think that Ikoma should let it be. It's between Biba and Enoku.
When did Takumi come onto the scene? And Ayame? Takumi doesn't fight...right?
Who said Biba was going to protect them? Did I miss something?
That's pure irony. A name that means without a name.
WHOA. So that's how she was made into a Kabaneri?
So Biba's the main villain. Or so I can see.
Why do you need a master key? And why does a master key exist? That could cause bad stuff. BAD stuff.
Why should they trust you?
So Biba's a sadist? Okay...

Ep 9
So it's Biba's fault? (I'd like more than anything than to condemn Biba.)
Only women and children? I mean...Mumei's a child and all. SO. He should say no warriors at all. That's eliminate Mumei and all.
Whoa. This lady warrior is pretty outspoken.
This lord is actually quite cool looking. And young...
Mumei really does act like a child at times.
There might be good reasons for them to keep the train out.
Whoa. That was some fast action.
Biba's talking about his dad, right?
Why exactly is Biba taking out his anger on a lord of a random town?
Cowardice? For what?
Is that stuff really on her face and body? I truly doubt it...but...who knows?
Kajika is basically the homely mother...
Mumei never signed up for this.
NO. Kurusu can't die.
And Horobi can't get that power. That's stupid.
They're pulling guns on little kids??
To me, the word liberation in Japanese sounds like 'Tallyho'. But I'm sure it's probably 'Tai ho' or something.

Ep 10
Whoa. What happened with blondie? He could be gathering intelligence...
What's with the red armbands? WHAt.
You can't give enough blood for the two of them... Seriously.
He's goin to cut off his limb. Or just kill him.
Picking on the weak DOES NOTHING.
Uh...big doesn't mean bigger bones. It could mean fat. (Which is what I thought Takumi was.)
Biba does not look twelve. He looks twenty.
Just where is Kurusu?
Mumei is such a child..
As long as they remain peaceful is such a stipulation...
This is actually a really cool scene. The people fighting back. But I wanna actually see fighting. Not stills of it!
See? Sukari is good!
Even Kurusu is faster?
Whre did they get those pipes?
When Mumei is fighting normal jumans, she's not as powerful... WHY? Her ribbon is loose.
Those key holes are TINY.
Just saying, though, seikyuus crying into a mic is awful. I hate the sound of crying like that. It's so bad.
This is such a sad episode. It's so sad. It's so awful.

Ep 11
Oh god. I forgot. Oh my god. How could I forget?
Hold up what? Let's rewatch that scene.
Oh my god. So the shogun attacked his kid? OH god.
Impregnable. Yet someone knocked down the first wall?
I knew it. He'd kill the poor guy. Geez.
They were nowhere near the ocean. HOW did they get there?
He was thrown off a train.
Where is Kurusu go? I totally forgot. But why is he here and with that guy?
What reason is there to kill Biba? He saved so many people!
Wow. Here goes something interesting. Hm. To kill or not to kill.
He's making them turn on each other. Oh my god. This is a massacre.
How can they do this? How?
So many are going to die. How can they do this? HOW?
What was that? Biba trying to show he had a little shred of care for his father? Excuse me.
Kizna? Dude. I'm getting Kiznaiver flashbacks.
He shot that into his arm? My god. Ikoma is a true badass.
Only woman can be Nue?
Wow. I like his haircut. It's pretty badass.
I think the restraint is also a mental thing. Something that mentally holds you back.
He also should have taken that when he got to Kongokaku. Not here in the middle of nowhere.